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IMDb22 Chaser
DirectorRafal Sokolowski
Автор WriterJeremy Boxen
StarsBrian J. Smith, Kaniehtiio Horn, Raoul Max Trujillo, Aaron Ashmore, John Kapelos, Aidan Devine,
Time1 saat 26 dakika
Vision6 July 2018 (Canada)
SloganThe money is on the road.
LocationsToronto, Ontario, Canada
Film companyDon Carmody Productions, Hawkeye Pictures, Scythia Films
original name22 Chaser
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22 Chaser

28 August 2020 Crime, Drama

22 Chaser online full movie on myflixer, Ben and Avery Dankert used what little money they had - Bens inheritance - to move to Toronto to get away from a toxic family environment. Working as a tow truck driver, specifically in bylaw (i.e. towing illegally parked cars) for Jackrabbit Towing Services, and a cook in a diner respectively, they are unable to make ends meets let alone provide the little extras for their adolescent son Zach, who is continually taunted by classmates as white trash. These jobs are meant as a means to an end, Ben who wants to open his own garage, and Avery who wants to open her own restaurant. While she knows how to cook, Avery is unable to get any better job without culinary training, schooling which they cant afford. Things get even more difficult when Bens unscrupulous boss, Bissey, institutes a new policy on the brink of Jackrabbit imminently being awarded the lucrative police contract: all drivers must lease the trucks from him, first and last months payment due immediately. Feeling like the ...

Year: 2018
Genre: Crime, Drama

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