A Boy Called Sailboat myflixer
DirectorCameron Nugent
Автор WriterCameron Nugent
StarsJ.K. Simmons, Keanu Wilson, Julian Atocani Sanchez, Noel Gugliemi, Elizabeth De Razzo, Jake Busey,
CountryUSA, Australia
LanguageEnglish, Spanish
Time1 saat 32 dakika
Vision6 May 2019 (UK)
Aspect2.4 : 1
SloganA boy with the most unlikely name, does the most unlikely thing...
LocationsSilver City, New Mexico, USA
Film companyYellow Brick Films, Sailboat Productions, iCandy Productions
original nameA Boy Called Sailboat
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A Boy Called Sailboat

28 August 2020 Comedy, Drama, Family

A Boy Called Sailboat online full movie on myflixer, In a slanted dwelling beyond the outskirts of a drought-ridden town, a close Hispanic family accept an impossible blessing and name their only son Sailboat. Sailboat stirs new love and hope in his family who forge a simple but proud life in the deep South West of America, but one afternoon he brings home something more: a little guitar. From this moment, Sailboat and his ukulele are inseparable, and when his gravely ill grandmother instructs him to write a song for her, Sailboat meanders through adversity to deliver the unimaginable - the greatest song ever written. Will the song breathe one final miracle, or reveal a hapless twist of fate that will return his family to a house held up by a stick, a car without doors, an unchanging wardrobe, and a friend who cant blink?

Year: 2018
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family

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