A Nuns Curse myflixer
DirectorTommy Faircloth
Автор WriterTommy Faircloth
StarsFelissa Rose, Damian Maffei, Erika Edwards, Kristi Ray, Gunner Willis, Michael James Daly, Sean
Time1 saat 13 dakika
Vision12 May 2020 (USA)
Aspect1.78 : 1
SloganShe will prey for you!
LocationsColumbia, South Carolina, USA
Film companyHorse Creek Productions
original nameOração Diabólica
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A Nuns Curse

28 August 2020 Horror

A Nuns Curse online full movie on myflixer, While on a weekend trip, a group of friends are forced to seek shelter inside an abandoned prison where a nun named Sister Monday had once been assigned. During her time at the prison, Sister Monday was suspected of killing prisoners who were serving out their sentences but before she could be questioned, she disappeared. Once inside the prison, terrifying childhood memories and family conflict come to the surface for the group where they are forced to face their fears. Dont CROSS Sister Monday. She will PREY for you.

Year: 2020
Genre: Horror

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