Aïlo: Une odyssée en Laponie myflixer
DirectorGuillaume Maidatchevsky
Автор WriterGuillaume Maidatchevsky, Morgan Navarro, Marko Röhr
StarsAldebert, Prinssi
CountryFinland, France
Time1 saat 26 dakika
Vision13 March 2019 (France)
Aspect2.35 : 1
SoundDolby Digital
SloganEvery day is a new adventure.
LocationsLapland, Finland
Film companyValdés, Borsalino Productions, Gaumont
original nameAïlo: Une odyssée en Laponie
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Aïlo: Une odyssée en Laponie

28 August 2020 Documentary, Adventure, Family

Aïlo: Une odyssée en Laponie online full movie on myflixer, Aïlo: an odyssey in Lapland tells the fight for the survival of a small wild reindeer, frail and vulnerable to the challenges that punctuate his first year. Its awakening to the wild world is a real tale in the heart of the grandiose landscapes of Lapland.

Year: 2018

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