Baja myflixer
DirectorTony Vidal
Автор WriterTony Vidal
StarsJake Thomas, Chris Brochu, Michelle DeShon, Arienne Mandi, Zoe Corraface, Toktam Aboozary, Carissa
Time1 saat 46 dakika
Vision13 April 2018 (USA)
SloganTheir only plan is going south.
LocationsLoreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Film companyPrankster Entertainment, Badhouse Studios Mexico
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28 August 2020 Comedy

Baja online full movie on myflixer, Straight-laced Bryan agrees to drive his parents' luxury RV to Cabo over Christmas break, so they can fly down and drive back one way. Misadventures ensue when Bryan's wild friend, Todd, talks Bryan into bringing him along with two girls, Jessica and Lisa. Each has their own agenda - Todd wants to make a big score; Jessica wants to make an extraordinary film; Lisa wants to look up her father; and Bryan seeks sexual experience. The trouble starts when Todd makes a deal with a Mexican gangster, Jorge, to transport some contraband cell phones, which are then stolen by Jorge's rivals. The group takes refuge in a remote decaying resort, La Perla, which Lisa has inherited. When the RV is taken, the group comes up with a plan for Lisa to impersonate deceased Tex-Mex singing sensation, Lorena De Los Rios, for whom she is a dead ringer. Will the plan raise the money needed to save La Perla, rescue the RV, and fulfill their youthful agendas? The resolution is both surprising and magical.

Year: 2018
Genre: Comedy

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