Beach House myflixer
DirectorJason Saltiel
Автор WriterJason Saltiel, Matt Simon
StarsWilla Fitzgerald, Murray Bartlett, Orlagh Cassidy, Thomas M. Hammond, Malin Barr, Dmitry Prokofyev
Time1 saat 27 dakika
Vision22 June 2018 (USA)
LocationsAmagansett, Long Island, New York, USA
Film companyBorder Incident
original nameПляжный домик
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Beach House

28 August 2020 Thriller

Beach House online full movie on myflixer, When Paul arrives at her family's beach house, he draws the attention of college student Emma. There's something off about the surprise visit of this handsome photographer from her mother's past. Yet Emma, an aspiring writer chafing at her privileged confines, also finds herself intrigued. As her attraction to him grows, she makes unsettling discoveries-and among his things finds violent Polaroids that plant dark ideas in her mind.

Year: 2018
Genre: Thriller

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