Beautiful Prison myflixer
DirectorJoel Vallie
Автор WriterEric Machiela, Eric Machiela, Joel Vallie, Joel Vallie
StarsMónica Almanza, Valentina Arnold, Kristen Barrett, Benjamin Chamberlain, Ernesto D'Alessio, Leila
CountryUSA, Mexico
Time1 saat 23 dakika
Vision12 July 2016 (USA)
SloganBen's mind is damaged, his memories are worse.
LocationsManistee, Michigan, USA
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Beautiful Prison

28 August 2020 Drama, Horror, Romance, Thriller

Beautiful Prison online full movie on myflixer, Beautiful Prison is a heavily stylized, genre-blending narrative focused around a brain damaged man, who, after a violent accident, awakens with a restored intellect and a supernatural ability to control the happenings of his world. Tonally, Beautiful Prison plays in and out of several different genres: action, familial abuse, horror, romance, and comedy. The world is often mysterious, occasionally wonderful, and at times terrifying.

Year: 2016

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