Becoming myflixer
DirectorOmar Naim
Автор WriterOmar Naim
StarsToby Kebbell, Penelope Mitchell, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Stephen Rider, Melissa Bolona, Beth
Time1 saat 38 dakika
Vision6 March 2020 (USA)
SloganYou Think You Know The One You Love
LocationsLouisville, Kentucky, USA
Film companyTraverse Media, BondIt Media Capital, Fearless Productions
original nameBecoming - Das Böse in ihm
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28 August 2020 Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Becoming online full movie on myflixer, Becoming is a supernatural thriller about Alex (Toby Kebbell) and Lisa (Penelope Mitchell), a couple newly engaged and deeply in love. While on a road trip, they encounter an ancient evil force that chooses Alex as its new host and begins to slowly take over his mind and body, gradually transforming him into someone terrifying and violent. The changes are small at first. His handwriting. His body language. As Alex struggles with the horror of losing his identity, Lisa notices the shifts in the man she thought she loved. Is he falling out of love with her, or is it something far, far worse? Lisa tracks down Kevin (Jason Patric), a damaged survivor of the entity who has dedicated his life to defeating it. Together, they must outwit an indestructible malevolence that doesn't want to destroy Alex, it wants to be him.

Year: 2020

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