Body Keepers myflixer
DirectorShelly Cole
Автор WriterSuzan Heglin, Ned Johnston
StarsTrevor Lyons, Austin Allwein, Chantelle Darlena, Meg Smith, Jennifer Cipolla, Tony Sedillo, Taylor
Time1 saat 22 dakika
Vision20 December 2018 (USA)
Aspect2.35 : 1
SloganWelcome to Ice Cold Hell
LocationsAurora, Colorado, USA
Film companyPerilous Productions
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Body Keepers

28 August 2020 Thriller

Body Keepers online full movie on myflixer, A Nederland, Colorado teen goes missing. In class the next day, a group of mismatched kids get into an argument about her whereabouts and are put on a team for a festival event. They decide to break into a shed to steal a part for their project where a body is kept on dry ice. Awakening an evil entity, they find out the true meaning of ice cold hell.

Year: 2018
Genre: Thriller

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