By Day's End myflixer
DirectorMichael Souder
Автор WriterJustin Calen-Chenn, Michael Souder
StarsLyndsey Lantz, Andrea Nelson, Joshua Keller Katz, Bill Oberst Jr., Maria Olsen, Devlin Wilder,
Time1 saat 14 dakika
Vision17 March 2020 (USA)
SloganThe only thing to hold onto in life is each other.
LocationsLos Angeles, California, USA
Film companyHunger Films
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By Day's End

28 August 2020 Horror, Romance

By Day's End online full movie on myflixer, Love is never an easy road. No one knows that better than Carly and Rina, whose relationship takes a turn for the worse after Carly decides to drop out of med school and Rina loses her job as an attorney. This forces them to move into a motel, a situation neither of them are happy with. To makes matters worse, Rina's battles with depression have returned and Carly has decided to use what money she has left to buy a camera so she can pursue videography as a profession. Despite the cracks that are starting to show in their relationship, Carly and Rina pledge to repair what has been broken, no matter the circumstances, no matter the odds. But are they both as adamant as they say they are? Unfortunately, time is not on their side. When a pandemic disease ravaging the world appears in their city and starts turning people into crazed flesh eating machines, Carly and Rina decide to keep documenting the occurrence with their camera. Doing so, they are forced to band together like never before...

Year: 2020
Genre: Horror, Romance

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