Child's Play myflixer
DirectorLars Klevberg
Автор WriterTyler Burton Smith, Don Mancini, John Lafia, Tom Holland, Don Mancini
StarsTim Matheson, Ben Andrusco-Daon, Zahra Anderson, Serge Jaswal, Ariana Nica, Phoenix Ly, Johnson
CountryCanada, USA
LanguageEnglish, Vietnamese
SoundtracksJerry Lambert
Time1 saat 30 dakika
Vision19 June 2019 (France)
Aspect2.39 : 1
SoundDolby Digital
SloganA Boy's Best Friend.
LocationsVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Film companyOrion Pictures, BRON Studios, KatzSmith Productions
original nameChild's Play: La poupée du mal
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Child's Play

28 August 2020 Horror, Sci-Fi

Child's Play online full movie on myflixer, After moving to a new city, young Andy Barclay receives a special present from his mother -- a seemingly innocent Buddi doll that becomes his best friend. When the doll suddenly takes on a life of its own, Andy unites with other neighborhood children to stop the sinister toy from wreaking bloody havoc.

Year: 2019
Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi

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