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DirectorDan Ast
Автор WriterDan Ast
StarsAidan Bristow, Cory Driscoll, Avital Ash, Carolina Castro, Landon Ashworth, Corsica Wilson, Tybee
SoundtracksCory Driscoll
Time1 saat 40 dakika
Vision2013 (USA)
Aspect1.78 : 1 / (high definition)
SoundDolby Digital(Dolby 5.1), Stereo
LocationsBurbank, California, USA
Film companyHalf Ast Productions, D Studios Productions, Open Road Films
original nameClaire Is Dead
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28 August 2020 Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Claire online full movie on myflixer, Jack is the high school football hero. He couldn't care less when Claire, a girl he didn't know, is struck and killed by a drunk driver. But when Jack discovers a photo of Claire where she is staring directly at him, things change. Clues pile up that indicate Claire may have had an interest in Jack. He plunges into Claire's life, learning little by little who she was. His interest in Claire sparks issues within his own social circle as he uncovers friends who had wronged her in the past. His own life soon spirals out of control as curiosity turns to obsession and high school drama escalates, pushing his friends, future and sanity to the edge. The final blow comes in the form of a terrifying question: Did he unknowingly play a role in Claire's death?

Year: 2013

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