Corky Romano myflixer
DirectorRob Pritts
Автор WriterDavid Garrett, Jason Ward
StarsChris Kattan, Vinessa Shaw, Peter Falk, Peter Berg, Chris Penn, Fred Ward, Richard Roundtree,
LanguageEnglish, Vietnamese, Spanish, Thai
SoundtracksGeorge Young
Time1 saat 26 dakika
Vision24 January 2002 (Germany)
Aspect1.85 : 1
SoundDTS, Dolby Digital, SDDS
SloganThe worlds most dysfunctional mafia family has a new weapon against the FBI.
LocationsLong Beach, California, USA
Film companyTouchstone Pictures, Robert Simonds Productions
original nameMr. Undercover
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Corky Romano

28 August 2020 Comedy, Crime

Corky Romano online full movie on myflixer, A naive, bumbling veterinarian named Corky Romano, the outcast son of a Mafia boss, is recruited by his family to infiltrate the FBI and steal any and all evidence that will put his cranky father, Francis A. Pops Romano, in jail. But he's in way over his head when he's made out to be a super agent. It's a reputation he must live up to as he tries to fake his way through one tough assignment after another while hunting for the elusive, incriminating proof of his father's illegal activities.

Year: 2001
Genre: Comedy, Crime

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