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DirectorNeal E. Fischer,Del Harvey
Автор WriterNeal E. Fischer, Neal E. Fischer, Del Harvey, Drake Linder, Drake Linder, Del Lowry, David Nevarez, David Nevarez
StarsJessica Oberhausen, Joseph Luis Caballero, Rebecca Mullins, Aubrey Joyce Tunnell, Nick Cardiff,
Time1 saat 31 dakika
Vision2014 (USA)
SloganBeauty, Brains, Blood.
LocationsChicago, Illinois, USA
Film companyRough Cut Films
original nameDead Girls - Mädchen des Todes
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Dead Girls

28 August 2020 Horror, Thriller

Dead Girls online full movie on myflixer, WRAPAROUND - Alice, a transient runaway who seeks refuge in a dark old house where she meets a most unusual young Girl with dark powers. OVER MY DEAD BODY - Suzy is a sweet young woman who gives her heart away too easily. Travis is a good timing young man whose cavalier attitude about a woman's heart is about to get him into serious trouble. When his former girlfriend shows up at his big open house party, Suzy can see Travis' true nature. But Travis, being a guy, tries to have his cake and eat it, too. Suzy won't share him with anyone. Travis tries to explain, accidentally killing Suzy. With a house full of guests and his old flame vying for his attention, Travis does what comes naturally and gets rid of the body. Only Suzy won't be gotten rid of so easily. THETA PHI'S NEVER DIE - Avery is a bright-eyed college student more focused on books and grades than boys and parties. When her Mother convinces her to rush for her old sorority, Theta Phi, Avery has no choice but to pursue life as...

Year: 2014
Genre: Horror, Thriller

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