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DirectorJosh Crook
Автор WriterJosh Crook
StarsSamantha Scaffidi, Samhain, Paris Campbell, Laura Barbiea, Summer Bills, Adrian Coles, Steve
Time1 saat 21 dakika
Vision3 October 2017 (USA)
SloganThey fracked with the wrong hole.
LocationsAthens County, Ohio, USA
Film companyMonster Circus
original nameDemon Hole - Das Böse ist erwacht
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Demon Hole

28 August 2020 Comedy, Horror

Demon Hole online full movie on myflixer, A fracking crew drills on sacred Native American land unleashing an ancient demon. Six teens have to serve community service in the remote forest where the demon is lurking. They find themselves trapped in a realm of illusions with plenty of marijuana, an abandoned cabin, dark caves, endless woods, and temptation. There are only two ways out of these woods - succumb to the demon or die!

Year: 93lh2709g8gk
Genre: Comedy, Horror

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