Psiconautas, los niños olvidados myflixer
DirectorPedro Rivero,Alberto Vázquez
Автор WriterPedro Rivero, Pedro Rivero, Alberto Vázquez, Alberto Vázquez
StarsAndrea Alzuri, Eva Ojanguren, Josu Cubero, Félix Arcarazo, Jorge Carrero, Nuria Marín, Josu Varela,
CountrySpain, Japan
LanguageSpanish, English
Time1 saat 16 dakika
Vision24 May 2017 (France)
Aspect1.85 : 1
SoundDolby Digital
SloganNot Everything With a Body is Alive
Film companyAbrakan Estudio, Basque Films, Competencia Producciones, La
original namePsiconautas
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Psiconautas, los niños olvidados

28 August 2020 Animation, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi

Psiconautas, los niños olvidados online full movie on myflixer, Psiconautas, los Niños Olvidados (Psychonauts: The Forgotten Children) is an obscure, disturbing and dismal story about Dinki and her friends and school partners Sandra and Zorrito, three children who live in an isolated island in the middle of the sea, ruined after a disaster in the nuclear power plant that devastated the most part of the island. Looking for a better life faraway of the suffocating atmosphere where they live, the three ones escape from their homes with all money they have reunited, trying to arrive to the coast to pay a ship that take them to the nearest continent. At the same time, Birdboy, another child and a junkie prosecuted by the police, tries to evade his capture at the same time that he tries contain the inner demons using drugs to relax him, trapped by horrible nightmares and delusions about black bird monsters. Meanwhile Dinki, Sara and Zorrito travel through the island facing all kind the dangers and discovering the impoverishment of the island and their...

Year: 2015

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