Holiday myflixer
DirectorIsabella Eklöf
Автор WriterDavid B. Sørensen
StarsVictoria Carmen Sonne, Lai Yde, Thijs Römer, Yuval Segal, Bo Brønnum, Adam Ild Rohweder, Morten
CountryDenmark, Netherlands, Sweden
LanguageEnglish, Dansk, Nederlands, Français,
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05 September 2020 Drama, Crime

Holiday online full movie on myflixer, Sascha, the young and beautiful trophy girlfriend of a Danish drug lord, arrives at his holiday villa in the seaside town of Bodrum, on the Turkish Riviera, where she is welcomed into his inner circle. Under the summer sun, she lives a carefree dream of luxury and fun until she meets Tomas, a Dutch traveler trying to discover himself.

Year: 2018
Genre: Drama, Crime

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