It Came from the Desert myflixer
DirectorMarko Mäkilaakso
Автор WriterInderpal Singh, Bob Portal, Teemu Virta
StarsMark Arnold, Harry Lister Smith, Vanessa Grasse, Alex Mills, Claudia Trujillo, James Alper, Callum
CountryCanada, Finland, United Kingdom
SloganGet ready to scream
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It Came from the Desert

05 September 2020 Horror, Action, Comedy

It Came from the Desert online full movie on myflixer, New Mexico, present day. Brian and Lukas are off to the desert to join a kegger party and to celebrate Lukas’ victory in a motocross competition. His winning prize includes meeting The Deathinator, the biggest action star in the world. The party gets started under the hot desert sun, but Brian isn’t in the mood, so he wanders off and is soon joined by his friend, Lukas. They discover something strange in the desert which leads them into a secret military laboratory, where they discover the disturbing truth of what the government has been doing. Secret experiments on ants and spiders using DNA found in a meteorite which fell to Earth in 1951 has given birth to mutated giant ants which have overrun the facility. Now, it's up to Brian and Lukas to save the world from a giant ant invasion!

Year: 2017
Genre: Horror, Action, Comedy

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