Mekhong Full Moon Party myflixer
DirectorJira Maligool
Автор WriterYongyoot Thongkongtoon, Prasert Vivattanananpong
StarsThidarat Chareonchaichana, Noppadol Duangporn, Boonchai Limathibul, Jonathan Morrill, Surasee
Language, ภาษาไทย,
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Mekhong Full Moon Party

06 September 2020 Comedy, Drama

Mekhong Full Moon Party online full movie on myflixer, More than 100,000 people gather by the Mekong River in North-East Thailand on November Full Moon every year. After sunset, mysterious fireballs rise up from the river and disappear into the sky. Where do the fireballs come from? While the locals still adhere to the traditional myth that they are the dragon, Great Naga, making a sacred offering to Buddha, the Western visitors take a more sceptical stance: Dr. Norati sets out to prove that the fireballs are natural while Dr. Surapol wants to prove the phenomenon a hoax. Meanwhile, temple-custodian Abbot Loh believes his monks have been responsible for the "miracle" for the past 30 years.

Year: 2002
Genre: Comedy, Drama

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