Panzer Chocolate myflixer
DirectorRobert Figueras
Автор WriterDavid Sanz, Robert Figueras, Gemma Dunjó, Luis Cordal, Diego Rodriguez
StarsGeraldine Chaplin, Melina Matthews, Ariadna Cabrol, Tony Corvillo, Mark Schardan
LanguageDeutsch, English,
SloganThe darkest Nazi secret... is about to be revealed!
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Panzer Chocolate

06 September 2020 Horror

Panzer Chocolate online full movie on myflixer, When an Archaeology student and her friends discover a Nazi bunker called 'Valhalla', their search for stolen pieces of art becomes a nightmare. The place is guarded by a hideous beast, and they find themselves running for their lives.

Year: 2013
Genre: Horror

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