Payday myflixer
DirectorChase Dudley
StarsBishop Stevens, Lara Jean Mummert, Colton Wheeler, Derek Babb, Sophia Manyet, Tiffani Fest
CountryUnited States of America
SloganWilling to do anything for everything
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06 September 2020 Action, Thriller, Drama, Mystery

Payday online full movie on myflixer, When inexperienced criminal Ben holds up a small-town restaurant, the poorly-planned robbery spirals into a hostage crisis beyond his control. Trapped inside with him is his girlfriend, manager Adie Graham, a cunning sociopath who masterminded the theft to cover up evidence of her embezzlement. As Ben tries to keep her involvement a secret whilst negotiating with the police, Adie plays a dangerous game of deceit and manipulation, willing to do anything and everything to come out on top - no matter who gets hurt.

Year: 2018

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