Penance myflixer
DirectorTom Collins
StarsPeter Coonan, Terry Byrne, Gerard McSorley, Emma Eliza Regan, Barry McGovern, Padhraig Parkinson,
CountryIreland, United Kingdom
LanguageEnglish, Gaeilge,
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06 September 2020 Action

Penance online full movie on myflixer, Father Eion O'Donnell is unambiguous about the need to use violence to force Britain out of Ireland. He influences a young impressionable boy, Antaine to fight in the 1916 Rising. Fifty years later Antaine arrives in Derry as an experienced gunman. This appearance throws Eoin back to the cause of his breakdown in 1916. Eoin's influence on young Antaine echoes in Antaine's dark influence on an Altar boy, Feidhlim.

Year: 2018
Genre: Action

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