Penny Pincher! myflixer
DirectorFred Cavayé
Автор WriterPhilippe Rousselet, Eric Jehelmann
StarsDany Boon, Laurence Arné, Noémie Schmidt, Patrick Ridremont, Karina Marimon, Nicolas Lumbreras,
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Penny Pincher!

06 September 2020 Comedy

Penny Pincher! online full movie on myflixer, François Gautier is stingy! Saving puts the joy, it causes pay sweats. His life is set for the sole purpose of never spend anything. A life that will switch in one day: he falls in love and discovers he has a daughter he did not know existed. Forced to lie in order to hide his terrible default, this will be the beginning for François problems. Because lie can sometimes be expensive. Very expensive…

Year: 2016
Genre: Comedy

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